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40 Winks


Release Date: November 1999
Genre: Action
Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Eurocom
Players: 1 Player
Memory Card: 1 block
Peripherals: Analog Control Compatible, Vibration Function Compatible
Product Code: SLUS-00874 

Conquer Your Nightmares and Rescue Your Dreams…
There’s only 40 Winks left in the world of dreams.
And if you don’t rescue them from the evil NiteKap, NO ONE will EVER have good dreams again! So get ready for action – because you’re going on the adventure of a nighttime!
Transform into different characters! Attack as a stealth Ninja. Fight as a ferocious Monster! Fly into the action as a Super Hero!
Tons of mini-games, too! Race dragons! Strap on a rocket! And more!
Explore six huge 3-D Dream Worlds-Pirate’s Cove, the Moon, Nightmare and more…