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Army Men 3D


Release Date: March 1999 
Genre: Action
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: 3DO
Players: 1 or 2 Players 
Memory Card: 1 Block 
Peripherals: Analog Control Compatible, Vibration Function Compatible
Product Code: SLUS-00491

Prepare for combat in an all new 3D world where green and tan plastic soldiers have come to life. You are Sarge, the Green Army veteran squad leader who’s a shoot first, ask questions later kind of soldier. Whether you’re dodging bazooka shots, melting attacking infantry with your flamethrower, or leading your squad into an enemy bunker, you must do whatever it takes to bring down the evil Tan Army. It’s real combat, with plastic men.
The war and animosity between colors is so old that no one really knows why or where it all began. More to the point no one cares. All colors have adjusted their economy to not only meet the demands of prolonged war, but to thrive from it. Over the years the war has stabilized to the extent that all sides can benefit from it with acceptable casualties.
But now things have changed. Strange unexplainable weapons have begun appearing within the Tan arsenal. Shiny objects that reflect the sun and burn a man at great distances have appeared. The Green command is understandably upset. These devices seem to be under Tan control, and that threatens to tip the balance of power. Green command knows that this would certainly plunge them all into an uncertainty that no one wants. They call on Sarge.
Explore and battle on foot or while driving a Halftrack, Jeep, Cargo Truck, or Tank
Control the six classic toy soldier weapons including machine guns, mortars, mines, grenades, bazookas, and flame-throwers
Order your troops to follow you or defend an area
Unique plastic world animations; flamethrowers melt units, bazookas blow vehicles into pieces, and tanks shatter run-over plastic units
Compete against a friend in capture the flag using the 2 player split-screen mode