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Bravo Air Race


Release Date: October 1997
Genre: Racing
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Xing
Players: 1 - 2 Players
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00488

Anyone Can Race on the Ground...
But only the best of the best have what it takes to compete in Bravo Air Race! Scream through wilderness vistas, fly by snow-capped mountain tops, scrape the walls of steel canyons in the heart of a modern metropolis and race against the world's finest pilots. Buckle up daredevils. The racing genre has just reached new heights!
12 authentic aircraft, from World War II vintage fighters to modern day stunt planes.
Astoundingly accurate speed and control characteristics.
Beautifully rendered courses.
Split screen mode for head-to-head air racing mayhem.
"One of the best looking racing games available on any platform!"
-PSExtreme, September '97