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Norse By Norsewest: The Return Of The Lost Vikings


Release Date: April 1997
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Interplay
Developer: Beam Software
Players: 1 - 2 Players 
Memory Card: N/A
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00466

Their lost is your game.
The lost boys are back: Erik the Swift; Baleong the Fierce and Olaf the Stout. This action-strategy game is not for the lame of brain. In their adventure, the trio escaped from the evil alien captor Tomator. Now, armed with all new high-tech weaponry the boys heisted from Tomator, they set out to find the time machine that will land them back home. It's your challenge to complete each of the levels with all three Vikings alive and kickin'!
Totally new characters-Scorch the fire-breathing dragon and Fang the werewolf
Fly, shrink, hover and more wih hilarious character, each equipped with unique abilities
31 level of mind-bending play
5 different worlds with endless terrain and a host of fierce enemies
Beautifully rendered 3D characters and environments
1 or 2 players
"Norse by Norsewest is guaranteed to bust your brain...and have you (doubled) over laughing."