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Peak Performance


Release Date: March 1997 
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Cave
Players: 1 - 2 Players 
Memory Card: 5 Blocks 
Peripherals: NegCon Compatible SLEH-0003
Product Code: SLUS-00400

Scream up and down mountain roads, do doughnuts in the middle of a busy downtown intersection, race through tunnels, over bridges, drive a bus, a scooter, or any of the 20+ cars.
20+ cars to choose from
Race in either direction on 5 different tracks
Includes original pikes peak hill climb
3 different camera angles
Impeccable details
Build and design your own tracks using the first-of-its-kind track editor
Choose the time of day for each race
Design your own car, tires, suspension color and more!
Car name editor
1 or 2 Players