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Bug Riders: The Race of Kings


Release Date: January 1997
Genre: Racing
Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: n-Space
Players: 1 - 2 Players
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00110

The tournament of tournaments has begun in the land of Entymion! The Emperor Leptus lies dying and twenty-two of the land's most daring, ruthless, and ambitious nobles have assembled to compete in the Great Race. The winner will be crowned the next Emperor, the losers will all die!
This is true-3D aerial combat racing as you've never seen it before! Pass opponents from all sides, above, below, left, and right! Death can strike from any angle when you have 6 degrees of freedom control at your finger tips! Every BugRider has his own mount with its own freakish characteristics. 16 otherworldly track variations, stunning weapons, rear-fire attacks, deathmatches, and time trials. Enter the hi-resolution hive of insane insect racing and fly the unfriendly skies!
Totally unique game design -- racing, shooting, flying.
6 degrees of freedom of movement -- fly over or underneath your opponents.
Choose to become one of eight different characters.
Each character rides a specific insectoid with its own attributes.
5 different tracks, each with 3 variations, as well as a final championship course, for a total of 16 different race track designs.
Imaginative track designs, complete with moving obstacles and boobie traps.
Each track has its own unique group of opponents to race against.
Breathtaking super high-resolution graphics and intense color palettes.
Deathmatch option allows players to score via killing instead of finishing position.
Different cinematic cut scenes for each various character.
2 player split screen mode, head-to-head racing action.