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Time Commando


Release Date: September 1996 
Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Adeline Software
Players: 1 Player
Memory Card: 1 block 
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00342

Time is your weapon. History is your battlefield.
A deadly virus has invaded the military's top secret super computer. Its catastrophic time-wraping effects threaten to overtake the world. Battle through history to stop this technological demon. Defeat the virus and vicious warriors from the past and the future. Instinct will be your only ally. all-out combat, your only choice.
Fight your way through time... or you're history.
45 Weapons! Over 80 Enemies!
Master dozens of lethal weapons from Prehistoric clubs to future lasers. Defeat over 80 real-time polygonal 3-D enemies from the past and future.
9 Worlds! 20 Levels!
Prehistoric, Roman, Feudal Japan, Medieval, Conquistador, Western, Modern Wars, The Future and the ultimate show-down against the virus itself.
Incredible Environments!
Journey through stunning realms as characters are seamlessly integrated with gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds and viewed from unique camera angles.