Tetris Plus


Release Date: September 1996
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: Jaleco
Players: 1 or 2 Players 
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00338

Now PlayStation owners can enjoy the original puzzler conceived by famed Russian inventor, Alexey Pajitnov. To score, form a horizontal line of blocks. Each complete line will disappear from the chamber. If the blocks reach the top, the game is over!
A curious little professor and his lovely assistant are in search of fortune and adventure. Anxious to impress his loyal assistant, the professor gets trapped inside the chamber of an ancient ruin.
As the chamber fills with blocks tumbling from above, a viciously spiked ceiling ominously descends upon the brave yet often foolish hero. When the blocks begin to pile, the professor tries to climb his way to the top. The chamber is already filled with patterns of blocks, so a path must be cleared in order for the professor to find a way to the treasure hidden below.
The professor's quest will take him across the globe and into the wonders of the labyrinth at Knossos, the Pyramids of Egypt, Angkor Wat, and the Mayan ruins.
A competitive version of Puzzle mode! Each time a player clears at least two lines of blocks, lines are sent to the opposing chamber. A player wins by getting the professor to the hidden vault first, or if the opposing professor touches the spiked ceiling.
The unique split-screen feature in Tetris Plus allows two people to enjoy Classic Tetris and the new Puzzle mode in non-competitive play!



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