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Robo Pit


Release Date: July 1996 
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Kokopeli Digital Studios
Developer: Altron Corporation
Players: 1 - 2 Players
Memory Card: 2 Blocks
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00316

Smash your way to the top of the future's toughest fighting tournament! Construct a custom mech fighter and battle with deadly weapons scavenged from destroyed opponents!
Assemble your monster machine using custom parts: body, face, base and weapon arms.
Battle bolts in incredible interactive arenas - pummel opponents with projectiles or pound them off the edge!
Become the top Bot by reducing over 100 mechanized killers to scrap metal using special moves and devastating weapons.
Create mechanized mayhem with hundreds of weapon combinations: punching arms, swords, grabbers, cutters, missiles, lasers and more!
Save your toughest robots to use in intense 2-Player head-to-head battle!