King's Field II


Release Date: November 1996 
Genre: RPG
Publisher: ASCII 
Developer: From Software
Players: 1 Player 
Memory Card: 3 Blocks
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00255

King's Field II -- the hour of destiny is at hand... Your kingdom is once again under attack by the ruthless minions of evil. This time they have possessed King Alfred himself! As the King's son, Prince Lyle, you must bring forth the tide of change that will effect the universe from now until the end of time. This fate of the world is in your hands!
Re-enter the realm of King's Field for the most explosive debut on the PlayStation, yet...
A virtual wonderland of sights and CD quality sounds, with an explosion of fearsome enemies, improved magic, and higher character definition.
A larger, more realistic world fully rendered in beautiful 3-D polygon graphics with texture mapping, and a richer, deeper, and more intricate storyline that unfolds throughout your quest.
Full color adventure guide and poster to equip you on your solitary journey.

"King's Field received our highest rating (Gold)." 
"...King's Field II surpasses it!"
-Tim Lindquist, PSExtreme


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