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Pitfall 3D: Beyond The Jungle


Release Date: March 1998 
Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Activision 
Players: 1 Player
Memory Card: 1 Block 
Peripherals: Analog Joystick Compatible
Product Code: SLUS-00254

The inveterate explorer Pitfall Harry leaps into a new dimension of danger and action in full, go-anywhere 3-D in Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle for the Sony PlayStation. This time out, Harry falls through a dimensional rift and finds himself in a mysterious world where the ancient Moku civilization has been decimated by an Evil Temptress. Harry must fight an army of evil henchmen, rescue a beautiful rebel and stop the Temptress before she destroys Earth. Features include:
Twenty huge levels of richly rendered, explorable 3-D environments filled with platform game challenge and combat excitement
Signature Pitfall! elements enter the 3-D era with 360° swinging vines, opening pits and deadly scorpions
More than 20 unique, organic enemies, including Fire Djinn, which are composed completely of flames and Rollers, which literally morph out of game environments
More than 250 athletic move animations enable Harry to climb, leap and swing with grace and authority
Four huge, powerful bosses dwarf Harry and place a premium on agility and tact