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International Track & Field


Release Date: June 1996 
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Players: 1 - 4 Players 
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: Multi Tap Adaptable 1 - 4 Players
Product Code: SLUS-00238

Going for the Gold?
After you crushed our original Track & Field game you probably thought that you were a pro! You will be blown away by our Olympic-style, motion captured, 360 degree view, in your face, 3D texture mapped, globe stomping, four player simultaneous, gut wrenching new game, "International Track & Field"!
12 countries to choose from: USA, Russia, Germany, China, Cuba, Korea , France, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and Kenya
13 events:
Shot put, Pole vault, 100m Dash, 100m Hurdles, Discus throw, Long jump, Triple jump, High Jump, Javelin, Hammer throw, and 100m freestyle swimming