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Release Date: November 1996
Genre: Action
Publisher: Crystal Dynamics
Developer: Toys For Bob
Players: 1 Player 
Memory Card: N/A 
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS00232

Go back to the salad days of 2D platforming with PANDEMONUM. The plot is simple: Nikki the sorceress has inadvertently summoned a huge monster that is now going around wreaking havoc on innocent people. You and Fargus a strange court jester must pass through 18 levels of crazy platforms and wacky enemies to get to the wish place, where you'll face the monster. You can choose from two characters at the beginning of each level: Nikki, who has a double jump useful in beating the many bugs and such, or Fargus, who has a rolling attack, which is reminiscent of SONIC ADVENTURE's spin attack.
Freestyle 3D camera captures the high speed action in over 18 enormous 3D worlds.
Play as either the acrobatic Nikki or the twisted tandem of Fargus and Sid, as they run, jump and blast their way through an army of goons. Morph into beasts ranging from a charging rhino to a fire-blasting dragon. Rave Reviews!
PlayStation Museum Fun Factoid: Crystal Dynamics and Toys For Bob demoed Spiderman for Marvel Comics using the Pandemonium engine!