Battle Arena Toshinden 2


Release Date: December 1995 
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Takara
Players: 1 or 2 Players 
Memory Card: N/A
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00220

...and do battle against the greatest warriors of the world! Each martial arts fighter has been personally selected to represent his/her special techniques and tactics in a winner-takes-all secret tournament that defies death.
Your favorite characters are back in the arena with new moves and special attacks-Eiji, the master swordsman, Sofia and her deadly whip, and Mondo with his powerful spear! Two mysterious new contenders also join the battle with original moves and abilities that give them the chance to dominate the action! Learn brand new special moves, master the fight, and prepare for your day in Arena!
The ONLY tournament-style fighting game that features true 3-D, 360-degree rotation excitement!
Choose from four different camera angles: normal, long, sky and overhead.
Fight eleven different warriors, including never-before-seen Tracy and chaos, plus two boss characters and a hidden character.
Each warrior performs special moves that include: crushing throws, inverted attacks and Ultimate Moves!
Brand new fighting arenas!
Choose from eight different levels of difficulty.
Brand new moves and fighting combinations!

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