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NCAA Basketball Final Four 97


Release Date: April 1997
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: High Voltage Software
Players: 1 or 8 Players 
Memory Card: 5 Blocks 
Peripherals: Multi Tap Adaptable 1 - 8 Players
Product Code: SLUS-00142

The Only Hoop Game That Feels as Real as it Looks!
A tradition second to none! Don’t believe the hype, just bring it on! School is now in session. Set your offense or start the break, it’s up to you. FINAL FOUR ’97 delivers it all. So, elevate, dish, pump, double clutch and drain it… dunk you very much! It’s Indianapolis or bust.
64 teams and stadiums to choose from
Run-n-gun with 1-8 players
More than 35 dunk animations
More than 10 camera angles and dozens of play options.
Play calling on the fly.
Real stats