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Release Date: February 1996
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: WARP
Players: 1 Player 
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: N/A 
Product Code: SLUS-00128 / SLUS-00173 / SLUS-00174

Her worst fears have come true: Laura receives a phone call, telling her that her father has gone berserk and has embarked on a killing spree in a Los Angeles area hospital. After arriving at the hospital, she finds the police are clueless about what triggered the events inside. Hoping Laura will be able to untangle the mystery, they ask her to go in and find out what happened. Upon entering the building, Laura is sucked into another dimension where the hospital is turned into a mansion. Help Laura navigate through three disks of 3D environments, using guns and swords to dispatch evil. If some of the puzzles get too tough, get clues from the magical compact. Will Laura be able to find out why her father went berserk? Discover the truth in D.
Special Features:
Enter another dimension
Explore a large mansion
Solve puzzles
Large number of weapons
3D environments
Spans three disks