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Die Hard Trilogy


Release Date: November 1996 
Genre: Action
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: Probe Entertainment
Players: 1 Player
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: Mouse Compatible
Product Code: SLUS-00119

You're Just a Cop...In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.
You may think one game isn't enough - but do you have what it takes for THREE games in one? Give it your best shot, or at least die trying. You're at the center of three totally different, thrill-packed adventures playing Detective John McClane as he takes on a highly trained team of international terrorists. It's non-stop action with any adventure you choose, each delivering amazing depth, palm-sweating realism and detail packed into 45 awesome levels.
Die Hard (Part 1 of 3)
Fight and shoot your way through a high-rise wired to explode! This game is a blast -- literally! You can destroy almost everything in sight including walls, plants, cars and motorcycles. A special "vanishing wall" feature ensures that you never lose sight of John McClane as he navigates through passageways, around walls and past obstacles. All characters' actions are created using motion-capture technology, providing highly realistic movement.
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (Part 2 of 3)
Gun down terrorists in a hijacked airport! Build your arsenal as you take out terrorists. Your weapons will vary in power, trigger response, maximum ammo, autofire rate per second and sound.
Remember: as the game progresses, so does the difficulty. You can turn 45-degrees in either direction to locate, aim and fire at terrorists as you travel through the detailed 3-D levels. But if you take a hit from a bullet, you'll feel it, and your vision will become significantly blurred for a brief moment!
Die Hard With A Vengeance (Part 3 of 3)
Drive above, below and through a crowded city besieged with hidden bombs!
Hop in and hang on as you speed through the streets of New York City locating hidden bombs while the detonator clock ticks away. Motion capture technology plus actual scanned textures makes every movement of every New Yorker amazingly realistic.
At your driving disposal are more than 15 vehicles including a Yellow Cab, Police Car, Dump Truck, School Bus, Fork Lift and a few special Italian and German driving machines for the ultimate high-speed adventure. Each vehicle offers different handling, speed, acceleration, braking, weight and skid capabilities.