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Release Date: September 1995
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: Mindscape
Players: 1 Player 
Memory Card: 1 Block
Peripherals: N/A 
Product Code: SLUS-00116

A virtual rush for dedicated speed freaks.
In this high-tech, high-velocity motor race, anything goes as you maneuver your ship to outdrive opponents through a super-fast, ultra-smooth arcade environment.
Zoom around nine futuristic courses at supersonic speeds. Defy intelligent opponents who actually complete against you with built-in race tactics and lethal shooting weapons. And uncover a host of surprise features - like bonus hidden ships - that feed your need for speed.
Combining racing thrills, science fiction, and shoot-'em-up elements, CyberSpeed is a lightning-quick experience that takes you to the very edge of technology. Not to mention, your seat.
Choose from eight striking ships, each with its own pilot, racing characteristics, and country of origin.
Optimizes the PlayStation Game console's advanced engine for an incredibly radical ride.
Texture-mapped polygon racetracks run at an impressive 30 frames per second.
Race to CD-based music soundtrack, including ear-warping special audio effects.
Between races, you're presented with a snapshot of the future: tomorrow's twisted television commercials.
Accrue powerful resources, which you'll use to add weapon systems, turbo boosts, and any other race-winning paraphernalia.