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Braindead 13


Release Date: March 1996
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: ReadySoft
Developer: ReadySoft
Players: 1 Player
Memory Card: N/A
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00083 /  SLUS-00171

Deep in the bowels of the sinister castle, evil is brewing...
Our unsuspecting hero, Lance, the world's hippest computer repair guru, gets a late-nite "fix-it" call to the mysterious castle. But this is no ordinary call. Upon reactivating the computers he learns of Dr. Neurosis' master plan... world domination! There is no turning back now in this life and death game.
The showdown is on... Fritz the half-human, half-pet of Dr. Neurosis is instructed to dispose of you. The frantic adventure races through the evil playground of the demented Doctor's twisted castle. Battle Moose, Vivi the Vamp, the Evil Iris Sisters and other mishaps of science until you reach the Chamber of the Brain where only the most cunning will triumpth!
BrainDead 13 features orchestrated didgital sound and breathtaking animation so interactive, it'll blow your mind!