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Agile Warrior F-IIIX


Release Date: November 1995 
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Black Ops
Players: 1 - 2 Players 
Memory Card: 15 blocks
Peripherals: N/A
Product Code: SLUS-00023 

Strap into the most advanced multi-role fighter craft around and blast off into a world of sky-ripping, ground-shaking, adrenaline-pumping battles.
Eliminate anything and everything that poses a threat to our national security. No rules. No prisoners. Just you-against-them arcade combat action where only one can win.
Take 'em out in explosive real-time, unlimited access, 3-D textured battle environments
Fight in highly unpredictable missions in some of the world's most volatile hot spots featuring hundreds of surgical strikes, stealth missions and nuclear standoff with a multitude of state-of-art weapons
Use stealth technology, precision-guided munitions and tactical radar to destroy enemies on land, at sea and in the air
Simultaneous 2-player capability
"The hardware was completely new to everyone so everything was a learning experience. It took months to get anything to display correctly and/or at the quality hoped to achieve. Overall, I'd say the biggest challenge was controls and getting the plane to fly properly. The same engine was used for (the always forgotten) Treasures of the Deep (PS1 game) along with Black Dawn. Most of our reference material came from Jane's (military encyclopedia) along with photos from multiple air shows." Shannon Studstill, Senior Artist